What is the Best Face Mask for Whiteheads? Your Top 6 Options

When it comes to choosing the best face mask for whiteheads, just know that you have a lot of options. But who has the time - or the budget - to try them all?

So how do you decide which whitehead face mask to choose and which to ignore? Well, it all comes down to the ingredients. 

There aren't many products that are specifically marketed toward whiteheads but because the same things that cause whiteheads also cause blackheads and pimples - you'll find that many of the active ingredients in acne and blackhead face masks will work brilliantly for your whiteheads as well. 

Overall, you want to be on the lookout for ingredients that control oil production, draw impurities out of pores and help exfoliate your skin. To save you some time, we've gathered the most effective masks - each and every face mask for whiteheads that made the list contains a combination of ingredients that help get rid of whiteheads and prevent new ones from forming!

Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask

best mask for whiteheads

Activated charcoal is extremely porous, which gives it the almost magical ability to suck up the dirt, oil, and grime clogging your pores.

It's also joined by some of its best friends - Bentonite and Kaolin clay, both of which are also excellent de-cloggers.

Even better? The mask also contains Salicylic acid (0.5%) which dissolves whiteheads and controls oil production. This is an ideal face mask to get rid of whiteheads once and for all. 

best mask for whiteheads

This clay mask takes things a step further - it's got clarifying Bentonite and Kaolin clays but it also uses a potent combination of Glycolic, Salicylic, Mandelic, and Azelaic acids to de-clog pores and control sebum production. 

We especially love that it contains Azelaic acid, which actually works to change the way cells mature and proliferate, eventually decreasing clogged pores.

best way to get rid of zits

While we're on the subject of clays, we'd be remiss not to mention one of the most effective, most absorbent clays for clearing whiteheads - Calcium Bentonite clay. 

You can get the pure powder and create endless combinations of DIY face masks for whiteheads right at home. 

best mask for whiteheads

The most common culprit for whiteheads is dead skin cells getting trapped in sebum to plug up pores. With this face mask for whiteheads, you can put a stop to that nonsense. 

This masks clears away debris and dead skin cells with the tiniest grains combined with naturally exfoliating ingredients like Lactic Acid and Kojic Acid. 

Combine that with Licorice Root, which contains a compound that regulates sebum production, and you've got the ultimate whitehead mask. 

face mask to get rid of whiteheads

When you're looking to draw deeply-embedded whiteheads to the surface, look no further than this non-drying turmeric mask. 

It warms and tingles, helping to stimulate blood and lymph circulation and draw impurities to the surface. 

And not only does it combat clogged pores, but it also helps fade acne scars, lighten dark spots and give you an even, glowing skin tone. 

face mask to get rid of whiteheads

Got some whiteheads that you want to destroy? This sulfur mask will do the deed. It's composed of Bentonite and Kaolin clay but the star ingredients is the 10% Sulfur.

You see, excess oil causes dead skin cells to stick together and block pores which is why oily skin is more prone to whiteheads. Sulfur works to dry and exfoliate the top layer of your skin, resulting in less oiliness, unclogged pores and fewer whiteheads. 

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